Why NOW Is The Time To Put Your Property Up For Sale

Why NOW Is The Time To Put Your Property Up For Sale

If you’re planning on selling your house in the near future, you might be thinking ‘I’ll leave it until January’ or ‘the market is quiet around Christmas, there’s no point putting it on now’. Christmas is a busy time for us all. And many of us are simply too swamped to contemplate something as seemingly arduous as putting your house on the market. Who would even consider such a thing?


You would be forgiven for thinking this way. However, in fact...


According to figures, there is up to 20 percent increase in property views in the period between Christmas and the New Year.


That’s the people sitting at home in the post-Christmas hush, thinking about the coming new year and looking through the property listings for their next dream home. And your property could be front and centre.

The Post-Christmas Property Hunt


The period following Christmas is often a time for reflection. People are looking towards the new year and contemplating the months ahead along with everything they want to achieve. It is a time when people are most motivated to make a change. Not just new years resolutions, but as everything quiets down over the holidays, there is more time and space to plan new ventures and take steps to fulfil our dreams.


By leaving it until midway through January, when everyone is back to work and school has started again, you could be missing out on a whole lot of potential buyers.


Once everything is back in full swing and that busyness once again envelopes our lives, there will be less time for people to browse property listings and seriously contemplate buying. The free time the festive period affords is a great opportunity to find buyers who are spending their days off looking at houses for sale online, in preparation for a move in the new year.


Furthermore, many people will take their property off the market over the Christmas period, assuming that they will not receive any interest. Their mistake could be your gain, as you will have less competition in the marketplace. Your home will be more visible to potential buyers as a result, meaning you are likely to get more viewings.

Still Intimidated At The Thought Of Selling?


Selling your home is no easy task. And therefore, you may be put off trying to sell around this time due to the sheer volume of other tasks you have to get done in this busy festive period. Buying gifts, visiting family, food shopping, preparing for the big day. All of these things take up time, energy and effort, leaving you little time to even contemplate selling.


Fortunately, at Castles, we can do all the heavy lifting for you. We are a team of professional, expert estate agents with many years of experience, helping people sell their homes across Swindon. From Wroughton to Old Town, we can help you sell your property quickly and efficiently.


We will provide you with a detailed, honest market appraisal that will give your home a better chance of selling. Using our knowledge of the local market and tried and testing selling skills, we will endeavour to get you the best deal possible on your home.


Castles is ultimately an estate agent you can trust. We recently received the award for Best in Region at the Relocation Agent Network Awards. The entire team is thrilled to have been recognised for their hard work and dedication, ‘maintaining the highest standard of service’, in receiving this prestigious award. This award, alongside our years of fantastic service and scores of happy customers and successful sales, demonstrates why Castles is the right choice for selling your property.


Start today by filling out our free valuation request form, to get a detailed, accurate valuation for your Swindon property. Or, get in touch with our residential sales team on 01793 611677. If you are looking to sell your house in Swindon, now might just be the perfect time.