Attracting & Keeping Long Term Tenants

More and more people are moving into rented accommodation and tenants are usually looking for the perfect place to call home. Usually, people decide to rent a property due to the affordability, it suits their lifestyle or simply because they aren’t ready to commit to one area. Some people, however, would simply rather rent than buy and are looking for a long term rental contract for the home of their dreams.


Due to this, it is important to present your rental property in the best way to attract long term tenants. Castles Estate Agents have put together some top tips to help attract those valuable long term tenants. Castles Estate Agents are a leading estate agent in Swindon who are able to help you with every aspect of finding a new property to rent in Swindon. For help and advice on renting a property check out our website or call us today on 01793 611 677


Help Them Make A Mark 


Whilst it can be extremely tempting to decorate to your own personal tastes, long term tenants will want to make the rental property their own. Therefore, giving tenants a blank canvas to work with can be very appealing. This means that neutral colours are usually the best idea. This includes walls, flooring and curtains. 


Giving your tenants the freedom to change their surroundings can be daunting but it really doesn’t need to be this way. You could consider erecting your own picture hooks around your property and include a lot of storage space for tenants. 


Having these simple solutions in place beforehand allows tenants are able to decorate as soon as they move in, making it feel more like home, as opposed to feeling like they are moving into someone else’s home. They are also likely to have a sense of pride in their home and look after it for you. 

White Goods 


Many new tenants won’t own any white goods, and might not be able to afford to buy new ones, so the option to rent somewhere with a dishwasher, fridge, washing machine and more will be extremely attractive to a tenant. They don’t need to be expensive, however,  opting for the best you can afford, with good energy ratings could be the best choice to make your property very attractive. 


If you do this, you can then explain to the tenants how renting the property will save them money on utility bills. When buying your white goods you should also consider taking out an extended warranty to ensure your investment lasts as long as possible without any big bills if a fault occurs. 




You could consider thinking about accepting pets. You need to consider how many people who want to rent will be struggling to find a place that will take their beloved animals. We are of course not suggesting you allow a zoo full of animals into your home, but maybe allowing one or two well-behaved animals could bring a unique selling point to your property. 


If you are concerned about pets, you could add a clause to the tenancy that asks the pet owner to pay for professional deep cleaning when they leave the home. 


Easy Living


Once your home is looking nice, it is important to make sure that is it comfortable to live in day to day. Make sure you have fully assessed what is it like to live in your property long term. Make sure you have checked the lighting, warmth, blackout blinds, how powerful is the water supply? All of these things can make or break a tenant’s rental experience and prevent them from staying in the property long term. 


Castles Estate Agents 



If you would like advice and guidance on how to find a rental property in Swindon get in touch with our expert advisors here at Castles Estate Agents in Swindon. The team will guide you through the entire process and have years of experience helping people to find their perfect rental home. We have the knowledge and expertise which will make the process as smooth as possible. Contact us today on 01793 611 677 for more information.