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Top tips for positioning your property for the post-Christmas property surge 

This year, we’ve seen the property market shift to a more neutral market, with the speed of house sales slowing. So, what does this mean? Well for a start, home buyers have more choice, and no longer feel the need to rush into a sale. This makes it more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and ensure you highlight what makes your property different. With increased talk of uncertainty surrounding Brexit, many property experts forecast its impact to be short term, and that ‘widespread price reductions’ are not the way to go.


What does this mean for sellers? And how can you be positioning yourself to ensure you get the very best price when selling your property on the market? In this article, we’ll be exploring some facts and figures into buyer behaviour, as well as some top tips on how you can position your property for the post-Christmas surge.


Choosing the right estate agent is essential, and is often the difference for how long your property is listed & its final sale price. At Castles, we care about property, and will go that extra mile for every one of our customers. Begin your property journey with us today by booking a free property valuation, or by calling one of our friendly and experienced team on  01793 611677.

The post-Christmas property surge

Between boxing day and the new year, there is a huge influx of home sellers looking to move. With more property owners looking for a new home, this not only increases the number of people looking to buy but also the number of people looking to sell. This ‘property surge’ is evident in Rightmove's Google Analytics website traffic between the periods of January - March 2017 compared to October - December 2016 - seeing an increase of 26% throughout the first 3 months of the year.


So, how does this affect those looking to sell? Well, it means that between now and the new year you should be doing everything you can to make your property stand out from the crowd. With this increased activity in the property market, being listed online isn’t enough. Just because more people are searching, it doesn’t mean your property will be found - nor does it mean that reducing your property value is the right course of action.

What you can do to stand out 

Getting your property in shape for buyers is essential to any property journey - and a few cosmetic improvements can go a long way on first impressions for potential buyers. By having your home in the very best condition ready for the post-Christmas surge can help you stand out, and our agents will make sure you stand out to the right people.

At Castles Estate Agents, our property experts are experienced in understanding market trends and activity and can provide comprehensive advice and information on the best course of action to take when listing your property for sale. If you’re looking to sell your home, or are struggling to find buyers with your current strategy - get in touch with our team today. We can be at your property today to carry out a free valuation and help you get your property journey back on track and in time for the post-Christmas property surge. Get in touch today by calling us on 01793 611677.


Property valuation – How much is my house worth?


Are you curious about your property value? Or have you listed your property and are wondering why it hasn’t sold or been let? With developments in the property market over the last 6 months, being listed online just isn’t enough to sell your home. As the property market evolves into a ‘buyer’s market’, you can no longer just list your property online and hope that it sells.


Sitting around at home and convincing yourself that the market is holding you back can often be the downfall of a successful sale or let. With a proven track record of 15 years and succeeding where others have failed, Castle Estate Agents are proud to provide a comprehensive property valuation service that helps you understand the next steps by giving professional advice – and not just telling you what you want to hear.


In this article, we explore some of the basics behind property valuation as well as some examples where a traditional service & advice has generated some great results.

Property Valuation

When it comes to property valuation, understanding how much your house is worth, and how you can maximise the value of your house is essential. In such a competitive market, house valuations can often dictate how long your house is on the property market for. Understanding the different factors that make up your property valuation can really help attract the right buyers right from the off – and we’ll be looking at some examples of this later in the article.


To request a property valuation from one of our experienced agents, simply fill out our property valuation request form. To get started, simply enter your name, email address, postcode in the form, and select your preferred dates for an appraisal. In the ‘message’ box you can provide us with additional information about yourself and your property such as property age and number of rooms.


House value & attracting the right buyers


If you need to sell your house quickly with no hassle, a little effort goes a very long way when attracting the right buyers. There’s no need to over-invest in developing your home to appeal to the right audience – but there are definitely a few things you can do that make a big difference to impressions:


·      First impressions are important, and with your front garden being the first area potential buyers will see, it needs to be clean and tidy. This goes for the back garden too.

·      For the front of your property, you’ll want it to have that welcoming, homely feel. A fresh coat of paint (including window and door frames) goes a very long way in creating a good impression – and costs next to nothing!


Once you’ve got the exterior of the property covered, the same goes for the inside of your home. Clean and tidy is a must, with no stains or marks on the walls – you can apply a fresh coat of paint where needed.


These factors can go a long way when selling your property, and our agents will provide you with advice and information on next steps after carrying out a property valuation. Unlike other estate agents, we won’t just tell you what you want to hear, and will truly give you the best advice on selling your home for the right price.


How much is my house worth?


With the property marketing constantly changing and evolving, your property value can fluctuate depending on varying factors. At Castles Estate Agents, we really do believe that the right house, marketed by the right agent, at the right price – will sell no matter what.


Case Study #1 – Property Sold


The sold property had been listed by another local agent for a number of months without success and the vendor became disillusioned and instructed Castles to market their property. We received instructions to market on Monday 6th November and had agreed the sale (stc) to the first person to view the property on Thursday 9th November at the full asking price!


Case Study #2 – Property Let


The let property had once again been on the market with a local agent to let but again there was a lack of activity and no success at finding a suitable tenant. The landlord decided to instruct Castles lettings to market the property and once again we managed to successfully agree a let on the property at the full asking price to the first tenant to view the property within 4 days of coming to the market!


To book a property valuation or for more information, please get in touch with one of our agents today my calling 01793 611677.


Sell My House Fast Swindon

Understanding the changing market conditions when trying to sell your home. 

If you’re searching online for ‘sell my house fast Swindon’, there are some important factors to consider. Below, our expert estate agent provides fantastic advice and information on the changing market conditions, and how to sell your home.

The summer is well and truly behind us now and the dark mornings and evenings remind us that we are moving into Autumn and this means only one thing, anyone wishing to sell and move and enjoy Christmas in their new home, need to make some great decisions in the not too distant future.

Essentially, we have moved from a sellers’ market into a neutral marketplace and the result is that there has been a slight slowdown in the speed that property is selling and buyers now have more choice and this has naturally meant that they are no longer willing to rush in to paying the asking price or above as they feel there will be another property around the corner. This can make it difficult if you are searching to sell my house fast Swindon.

This has meant buyers are now willing to walk away if the vendor isn’t willing to negotiate and this has changed our role in our vendor’s journey as prices are starting to level off and in some instances starting to reduce.

Sell My House Fast Swindon

In a sellers’ market, it is our role to negotiate the best possible price for our clients but once we see a shift in the market like we have seen recently, securing our client the best possible price can mean that we have to give the best possible advice to ensure they make the right decisions whilst negotiating.

There is a saying in business that your first loss is your best loss and this is so true when the market changes, pricing a property correctly now will aid getting the best possible price, delaying a decision to make a price correction or accept a good offer, can result in chasing the market at a later date and ultimately taking a lower offer. This is an important consideration when looking to sell your house fast.

Choosing the right estate agent has always been important as the right agent can make the difference between getting a good price or not and in some cases, can seriously affect whether a sale is successful or not.

So, in our ever-changing property landscape and with the imminent prospect of an interest rate hike, there has never been a better time to take advantage of the current house prices and historically low interest rates.

Sell House Fast Swindon

Our advice to anyone considering selling their property is to choose their estate agent on the ability to sell property and maximise the price of their home and not to choose an estate agent based on how low their fees are.

Please consider this, if an agent is willing to devalue their own service and give away their own money, why would they be willing to battle their very hardest to protect your investment.

At Castles, we passionately care about everything property and will go the extra mile for all of our clients and customers and be there to support them through every step of their property journey.

If you are still thinking; how to sell my house fast Swindon, get in touch with our experienced agents today by calling 01793 611677.


Castles Residential Sales & Lettings are celebrating a special milestone after reaching 15 years in business. 

The Swindon-based independent estate agent was established in July 2002 and, in the intervening period, has made a huge impact on the industry. 

In their first few years, Castles built up their client list almost exclusively based on word-of-mouth recommendations. That served as an illustration to future clients that they were building up huge levels of trust among existing clients.

A significant breakthrough was made when Cartus, who are the leading provider of global relocation services, enlisted Castles as their exclusive representatives for Swindon. A further seal of approval followed when the Relocation Agent Network and the Guild of Professional Estate Agents followed Cartus's lead by making Castles their exclusive Swindon representatives. 

The upward trajectory continued with the awarding of the Wiltshire Small Business of the Year prize in 2007. 

Castles expanded their operation in 2008 to include a comprehensive lettings service. Consistent with their overall business model, the lettings service has proved to be a strong success.

Further recognition of excellence followed when Castles scooped the Relocation Agent Network’s Best Agent regional award for Wiltshire in 2011 and 2012.

In 2015, Castles took home the prizes for the Best Sales Agent and the Best Lettings Agent in Swindon at the allAgents Awards. 

Mark Noble, managing director at Castles, said: "When you the read the statistics of how many companies don’t make it past 12 months and then five and 10 years, I am extremely proud that after 15 successful years we are still offering vendors, purchasers, landlords and tenants the very best property journey. 

"The fact that we are well on our way to achieving 4,000 exchange of contracts is testament to the longevity of our success."

After such a successful opening 15 years, Noble is excited about the next 15.

He added: "With the birth of the online estate agents, who offer a different approach by charging upfront fees irrelevant of whether a property sells or not, and the continued development of technology, the next 15 years look equally as exciting as the last. 

"It is our mission to ensure that good old-fashioned estate agency, coupled with modern technology, continues to pave the best way forward for our vendors and landlords to achieve the best possible price within their timescale and that our non-fee paying buyers and tenants experience the exact same journey."

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