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Are upfront or cheap fees really as attractive as they sound?

The property industry is awash with estate agents and online agents who offer very cheap commission fees or upfront marketing fees, yet claim they offer the same service as traditional estate agents but the main question is, if they are being paid even if they don't sell the property or their fee is very low, are they going to be motivated to maximise the price of the property?

Furthermore, if the agent doesn't carry out accompanied viewings, give honest feedback, qualify potential buyers, negotiate the sale of the property, assist during the sale process or isn't available to assist and advice throughout the whole process, how are they offering the same service as a traditional agent, such as Castles.

We have a track record of achieving excellent prices for our vendors and landlords, a recent property came on to the market at £200,000 and through traditional estate agency, we managed to achieve our client £212,000! Had the vendor paid an upfront fee or a cheap fee, there is a strong possibility that they would have achieved a lot less for their property!

Therefore, had our client saved say £1,000 in fees but lost upto £12,000 on the price of their home, what looked like good value, suddenly turns in to a financial nightmare!

If you think it is expensive to employ a highly motivated traditional estate agent , wait until you employ an agent who has no incentive to maximise the price of your property!

If you are thinking of selling or renting your property and would like to discuss maximising the price then please call us to arrange a free market or rental appraisal.





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