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After all of the distractions during 2016 and the post Brexit blues, we are pleased to announce that the property market is bouncing back well and the appetite from buyers and tenants means that property is not only selling and letting again but we are now seeing prices strengthening after a period of correction!

Are you thinking of selling or letting? There is still plenty of time to get you moved before the end of the year. Call Castles on 01793 611677 to be a free market appraosal or 01793 422833 for a rental appraisal.

With historically low interest rates and excellent sales prices and rental yields being achieved there really hasn't been a better time to sell or let your property, so if you are considering your options or are just curious as to how much your property is worth, call 01793 611677 now or click on the link below to arrange a free market or rental appraisal.

Due to the uncertainty and the inevitable sitting on the fence from a proportion of the market, it is more important than ever that you chose the right estate agent who will offer honest and professional advice on how to market your property for sale or rent and will proactively go about achieving the best possible price in your desired timescales.

Our electronic PREMIUM BROCHURES free of charge to all of our clients and there is an option for a small charge to have 2 glossy brochures, 1 for our office and 1 to be kept at the property to show prospective buyers and tenants.

If you are thinking of selling or letting your property or you are currently trying without success and would like to know more about the service that has allowed us to maintain a position as one of Swindon's top selling agents for well over a decade, call 01793 611677 to arrange a free market appraisal or 01793 422833 to arrange a free rental appraisal.

Click here to request a free market or rental appraisal!


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